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Carrie Dittmer received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing from the University of Colorado in 2001. Since then, she studied Digital Media Arts from the University of New Mexico at Los Alamos.

Design sparked her interest while she was employed by Rainbow Natural Foods in the Publications Department. Learning about Photoshop and InDesign was exciting and exhilarating to this former Accounting major. She knew creativity was the way to go!

After moving to New Mexico, she worked as a subcontractor to the Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration as a graphics coordinator. While working there, she saved the government money by designing and producing quality documents in-house.

Carrie's former projects included performing all of the composition design for the book, Mining the Earth's Heat: Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy. She also performed the design and photo composition for the Environmental Surveillance Reports (2005-2006) for Los Alamos National Laboratory. She enjoys taking photographs and incorporating them into her design projects.

Having a broad knowledge of both print and web media, Carrie offers a wide range of design capabilities. Currently, she produces numerous complex documents and graphics using the Adobe Creative Suite. Her clients include Law Firm of Andrew C. Snyder, 25th Infantry Memorial Fund, Moraga Farms, and her parents condo in Keystone Colorado, Dittmercondo, in addition to volunteering her time to the Colorado Trail Foundation in assisting with their new guidebook. She has also volunteered her time to: VIDA MTB Series, Colorowdies Mountain Bike Crew, Colorado Mountain Bike Association, Tuff Riders Mountain Bike Club, and the Los Alamos Ski Racing Team.

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