My Sedona trip was inspired by visiting with a high school friend. Since I was driving solo, I made sure not too drive longer than 8 hours. The day of departure didn't start off as planned. After awaking properly, and gathered more items for the trip, I departed for work. A storm was coming in and I just happened to catch a tailwind in my box-of-a-car (the Element) and well, I was speeding. And I got caught. For reals, right before my supposedly stress-free, 4 hours of work, I received a $100 speeding ticket. Whoops. I was bothered, but I was more angry at myself. Finally, at 12:30, I left work, packed the car, grabbed the dog, and headed west! I was on the highway by 2 pm, so it should be smooth sailing, for a Wednesday, so I thought... But no. There was a semi-truck pile up on 70, about an hour and a half away from Grand Junction, where I was going to have dinner with Ariana. Good thing I had cell coverage and I was able to communicate with her that I was not going to make it in time. I arrived in Junction by 9 pm, which means I don't arrive to Moab until 10:30 pm, urg. After a short visit with Ari, we headed off and arrived safely. Then I realized the hotel doesn't accept dogs. Really? I thought I read online they we sneak in and pass out.

The next morning (Thursday), I woke up to Buddy growling since he hears door open/close and folks are starting their morning EARLY - 6 am early! Urg... So, I took Buddy for a walk, ate breakfast, and geared up to ride the SB-66 for the first time!

And then, the day started getting better.

Buddy did great, we did an out and back with a lot of stopping, so I could adjust the new steed and he could cool off.

I never get tired of those views!

Absolute bliss! After a rocky start, the rest of the trip was a breeze...

I drove a new route to me, which is always exciting. From Moab, I headed south on 191 and took that until 160, then headed west. Since I was so giddy to be back in Arizona, I was slightly disappointed when I crossed the border, and there was no welcome sign.

I do love driving loops, instead of out-and-backs.

After driving for 6ish hours, I arrived and was welcomed to the most amazing burrito-fest, and a friend I haven't seen in over 20 years! After somewhat catching up, sleep was had and the next day we rode bikes.

It was very cool to see and ride with Tim! He is quite the bad-ass on a bike.

We did some loops and had some fun in the sun!

The cluster of red rocks that resembles a Cathedral with two praying hands.

Preston rockin' it!

Sedona is a beautiful place to ride.

The talented videographer, Woot - bloody and all. Here is a link to his video from day 1:

Day 1 riding with old and new friends: better than expected!


Sedona Day 1 from Adventure Seen on Vimeo.


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