Ariana has been racing for CMU since August 2012. She is loving being part of a supportive team and she gets to follow her passion for cycling.

She had the opportunity to try racing track and really enjoyed it!

I was lucky the team traveled to Colorado Springs frequently, which was great since I could drive a little over an hour to visit with her and the team.

The CMU Team went to Track Nationals in Frisco, Texas and earned second place overall!

One of the collegiate mountain bike races was in Granby. They timed it perfectly with change of the colors!

She raced SuperD, which was the same course she was familiar with - and she won!

In October, I was able to join the team in Angel Fire, New Mexico for Mountain Bike Collegiate Nationals. I got there when she was racing cross-country.

The short track was exciting to watch!

The team was so supportive for the girls!

The girls rocked it!


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