For the second year in a row, we traveled to Sun Valley, Idaho so Ariana can race in the Mountain Bike National Championships. What made this year different, is that we are staying with a local, I met when I did my heli-skiing trip earlier in March 2012. Small world, it is. So, after driving all day, we arrive to our plush accommodations in a ginoromous house, two miles from the ski area. Waiting for us was a yummy dinner and an IPA (for me). Funny how people can get to know you, in such a short period of time.

Check out Ariana's write-up on the COMotion site:

They had the same infamous rock garden as last year.


She even raced the SuperD course the next day and got 6th place. I was able to preride with her, which was great!

Ariana's hair was o'flying!

The well-earned post race chocolate milk!

During the race, I was able to take a walk in the woods and see some memorials in the woods.

If you go to Sun Valley, you need to check out the friendly folks at PK's Ski & Sport.

While I was there, I rode some new local trails. This ride started and ended at a hot springs. Delish, I tell you.

Climb, climb, climb - just like Colorado!

Another burned beauty area, like Los Alamos.

An avalanche went through these parts a bit ago.

Ohhh....finally soak time!

The team was so supportive for the girls!

We did another local favorite, Forbidden Fruit and looped around on this trail. Sorry, no photos of the trail, but it was pretty fun! It is the first one-way, mountain bike-only in that area.

Beautiful Sun Valley - until next time...


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