May 082012

Of course I remember that day clearly. I don’t wish too. The phone call, the conversation, the news, the denial.

This beautiful woman, Reven, has created this magnificent sculpture, and in her words, “This one was simple to make. The sculpture should be simple. You think about such a complex person, with so many friends, so many stories, the sculpture that represents him should make room for every glance, every smile, every word.” I love it. Today, we moved the sculpture to a temporary home, until one with a view is agreed upon. The stone looked beautiful as the rain was falling from above. It made me think of the desert and his love of it (and how most of the time driving to the desert, you have rain/snow to negotiate over the passes).

Anthony loved stories, telling them and listening to them. Also mountain biking, campfires, road trips, IPA, tequila, and beautiful scenery, just to name a few. He had a dark side, as we all do. Living in the present was obviously his preferred lifestyle choice.

Still hard to believe one day you can be here, and the next day you can be gone. Cherish the present, and don’t focus of those silly little petty things that life throws at you…

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