Aug 122012

We have been busy! From Mountain Bike Nationals in Idaho to our vacation to Germany then Austria, I have an excuse for not posting. But today, it was about riding my bike again.

I finally rode this bridge, just by following Dave and Ian!

En route back home, Ariana and I had the unfortunate incident of being stuck overnight at the Newark Airport. This was unfortunate, because my original itinerary was from Germany to Dulles, not Newark. Since the Continental/United merge, it seems as is they have been changing flights and seat assignments. Anyway – long story short, Ariana and I were supposed to race Telluride this weekend, but due to not returning until Friday evening, so we didn’t go. COMotion Sports won their 10th year winning the Mountain States Cup, and it was a bummer we were not there racing and cheering everyone on.

So, I finally got back on a bike today, after more than two weeks off. Sourdough was the destination and the ride was rocky and delicious. We also spotted several mushroom pickers along the trail. Boy those ‘shrooms were popping!

I even found my first yellow aspen just laying innocently in the middle of the trail. Another month, we will be riding our leaf-peeping rides. It is hard to believe the summer is almost gone.

Ahh…it is good to be home!

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