Sep 062013

I have been ignoring you. All of these new social media outlets, and I chose to ignore the old blog. Well, I am going to try to remember to update this thing a little more…

Life has been great, in fact, I knew this year was going to be “different”. I woke up. I emerged from the fog I seemed to have put myself in the last few years since Anthony has been gone. I finally chose life and to live it; and thanks to Yeti, I even got myself a new-to-me bike and starting riding like I use to, when A was around. In fact, not just riding, but racing again. I also decided those Enduro races are pretty fun, and I hope to do more next year. So far, I competed in the Keystone and the Durango races of the Big Mountain Enduro series, and they are a hoot! I have met new friends, reconnected with old friends, and I am finally becoming comfortable rippin’ it on my bike.


Back to Anthony, his birthday is coming up, September 15th in fact. He would have been 43. Still crazy to think he isn’t physically here, although, I know he left an impression on most. With his free-spirited ways and easy-going attitude, what wasn’t there to like? Sure, some thought they could be like him, but failed. It is still fun to peruse his site reading his words and checking out his photos.

What is in store for me next? Riding bikes, having fun, traveling, and cold beverages. Enjoying life, you know.

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