Sep 162013

Others who are affected by the flood and others who are no longer with us. Yesterday, Leslie and I headed out on bikes. Rumor had it Kenosha Pass was dry, so we headed there. She recently got an SB-66 so it was time to show it around! But first, a little tribute to Anthony…

He loved the Colorado Trail, and we would frequent here often.

The trees are just starting to turn!


It is very nice frolicking over aspen covered trails!

The water levels weren’t that high, which is surprising to me. It is amazing how widespread the Colorado weather patterns can be.

We got a few loud thunder clap warnings, which meant to me, we were suppose to turn around.

After turning around, the sun kept coming in and out.

After climbing back, I turned around, and sure enough it was coming down.

Super fun ride! Wish we could have made it further, but mother nature had a different idea. It was just nice to get out and clear the mind. I’m thinking about my Lyons friends whose lives have changed dramatically over the week. For donations, 100% of the funds will go directly back to Lyons:

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