Dec 172013

buddy_keystone_0080Welcome to Keystone, Colorado, the Dittmer’s home away from home! Buddy also enjoys the place, especially when it snows.

On our first day, we enjoyed wide open slopes and no lift lines; weekday skiing is where it is at! And unlike last weekend, we had a heat wave of mid 20s, but it felt so much warmer with the sun, as she graced us with her presence.

While we were up there, I took a solitude hike with Buddy to visit the dog memorial up on Soda Ridge; I stumbled upon this years ago by mistake! Since then, we pay tribute a few times a year.

We lost Ariana’s first dog, Ginger to cancer in 2009, and our dog Porter passed away due to complications with Megaesophagus. They both loved the area and enjoyed running free.


The beautiful sunset over Lake Dillon


Saturday was Women’s International Day, so Ariana and I did a modified tree pose showcasing our strength and balance


On Saturday night, we had dinner at Keystone Ranch! Those who are unfamiliar with this fabulous restaurant, it is a 5-course meal offering, in which all portions are perfectly sized so you can get through until desert. I can never get enough seafood, so I started with a oysters & caviar appetizer, followed with a cheddar cheese cauliflower soup, then a nice palette cleanser salad of pomegranate/apple/jicama/spinach, and the main course consisted of sea scallops on a bed of lentils, and finally to finish it off, was a delicious tiramisu desert!

Full moon rise on Sunday! Another enjoyable long weekend in the books with some much needed family time. Until next time Keystone…


  •  December 17, 2013