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I forgot to write something about reflecting upon the previous year…so here I go: basically, I had a blast! From emerging from my shell, getting a new bike, and riding it in my first enduro race. My parents were visiting at Keystone during the race, so they were able to watch and support us.


Relaxing before hitting Cowboy Up in the Keystone Big Mountain Enduro


A few weeks before the race, Ariana and I took a gravity women’s clinic: The Beti AllRide Clinic  (highly recommended!) and learned some new tricks on how to ride downhill faster.


Me and Ari at the Beti AllRide Clinic in Keystone


The older I get, the more respect I have for my parents, because without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today! Sure, I consider myself the “black sheep” of the family, since moving to Colorado in 1997, but I feel that made our family even closer and heck, I may have even grown up a little myself. So thank-you mum and dad for always being there for me!


Mum, Ariana, and myself in O‘ahu, Hawaii


We took a trip last summer to O‘ahu, Hawaii, which was fantastic! Ariana even went surfing for the first time.


Dad and Ari getting ready to surf


I visited with so many friends from the past, which was one of my goals. Sure, you see each other on Facebook, but I really wanted to see some of these blasts from my past in person! So dammit, I did. I reconnected with my Tower Records friends.


Tower Records Washington DC Alumni from the early 90s – Kenny, Carrie, Robin, Frankie, and Neal


So much fun! And then earlier in the year, I reconnected with a high school friend down in Sedona.


Tim showing us how it is done on Hangover


Sure, I may not live the “conventional” life of settling down and getting married, but heck, I’m having a good time just winging this thing called life. Rules? Just make them up as you go along….much less stressful that way! I not only have a house in this rockin cool town of Golden, but I recently procured a house on wheels! I can’t wait to take that thing out on more adventures…


My mid-life crisis


I also met a bunch of cool folks in and around the town of Lyons and Yann took this amazing photo of me. Dave and the folks at Redstone Cyclery rocks!


Thanks Yann! www.yannphotovideo.com



2013 Yeti Tribe Gathering, Telluride, Colorado


Summer was complete when I attended the Yeti Tribe Gathering, for the first time since 2009. It was also my first time to Telluride!


Sleep deprivation didn’t slow me down! Photo credit: Michael Hirsch

I accomplished lots in 2013 and I met so many cool people! I look forward to more adventures and bike riding shenanigans for 2014!

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