Jun 282014

Last year, I dabbled in a few of these Enduro races and had a blast! So for this year, I decided to try a few different venues: Colorado Springs and Snowmass. The Captain took place June 8-9 and the course was fast, fun, and technical. St. Mary’s was my favorite, with more big mountain style as opposed to the ups and downs of Palmer Park.


After a nice shuttle drive and ride up to the start, we emerged from the clouds and the sun graced us with her presence. These ladies are fast and super cool.


Thanks Leigh for the photo! This is the start of day 2, a nice rocky start with plenty of switchbacks and downhills.


I have also signed up for a couple of the Big Mountain Enduros and since I have never raced at Snowmass, I knew I wanted to try that venue. Ari and I arrived in enough time to preride some the courses. I was somewhat surprised with the buff-ness of the courses I rode. We had four stages on Saturday and three on Sunday, with the downhill trail for the grand finale.


The wildflowers were stunning!


The hurry up and wait of enduros. Thankfully, you are able to cheer on your friends and have good conversations.


The start of stage 1.


Part of the transition to get to stage 1 and 7.


The start of stage 2: Rim Trail South


Ariana was working one of the intersections, and she managed to snap this as I went by!  This was Stage 5, the first stage of day 2, and I was feeling the burn! I must have hid it well, because I earned 2nd place in this stage.


The views were unbelievably gorgeous and picture-perfect weather! This was the top of stage 6: Vapor to Vahalla to Powerline to Starks Trail, finishing on Two Creeks Meadow, and it was my favorite stage! We descended 3,000 vertical feet and had everything from packed dirt to super loose to tight twisty singletrack.


My ability to stay mostly upright earned me a spot on the podium!

  •  June 28, 2014