Nov 012016

I haven’t posted in quite a while, in fact, when I called GoDaddy for hosting support, they noticed I was running a super old version of WordPress – whoops! That is what you get when you have a WordPress website, but do not make the time to log in to check version control. I will fix that.

Three  years ago, I received the best phone call ever, it was Big Joe and he asked if I wanted to buy the truck/camper. My heart was racing and I spitted out yes as fast as I could. Little did I know that opened up so many doors for me for adventuring.


The camper lets me explore places on a budget, which means I get to adventure even more!


It is pretty easy to drive and parking is usually not a problem. You do have to factor in the pop-up height.


The view while I was setting up the camper during our desert spring break trip at Goosenecks State Park in Utah.

Once popped up, it is super roomy and offers a refrigerator, three gas burners, a sink, a full size bed, and a pull out couch.


Dressing up for BeanfeSSt from 2015 – single speeds and costumes seem to go together nicely!

Just this year, I put some money in the rig to make it even more sustainable: a 100w solar panel and a fan (to replace the vent). Since there is so much sunshine in Colorado (and the southwest where I love to travel) it just makes sense to go solar. Sure there are disadvantages to having a pop up, such as it is drafty, but I try to camp when it is 30 ºF or higher; mid 20s and it is just a bit too cold and the furnace runs all the time. So basically, it is a 3-season camper, which is just fine with me. Another disadvantage is you aren’t quite incognito; when you pop it up – it is obvious someone is camping inside. I was harassed once in the Snowmass parking lot, but I just told the cop it was popped up for the dog.


The fun part of driving in the dark and waking up the next morning is you get to see your surroundings! Of course the funny part is that I heard the hot air balloons, but I kept thinking it was a heavy breathing cow, ha!


One of the main reasons for the camper purchase, was Buddy. He loves to travel and the camper is his domain, just be careful where you place your bag!


The camper also provides shade, when  you strategically park it! Buddy appears to be laying down, however he is actually rolling in the rocks. Nothing like a good back scratch.


I look forward to many more adventures for 2017 and beyond!


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