Jul 092017

Trip Statistics:
Miles driven – 4,086
Amount on Gas – $396.63
Accidents – 0
Tickets – 0

Things I would do again – drive cross country – but not any later than June. The mornings were still cool and the Element didn’t get close to overheating.

Things I wouldn’t do again – drive 12+ hours in one day solo. Going out to NC, it was nice and manageable, breaking the trip into three days. However, going straight through, it was 29 hours total, and driving back from VA, it was (only) 24. So I thought I could do it in two days, I did, but it was not pleasant or comfortable. Buddy the Dog, on the other hand, was the perfect traveler, napping and making the occasional stops.

Nags Head
Growing up in Virginia, Nags Head, North Carolina was our favorite vacation destination. When we were planning my parents 50th wedding anniversary, choosing to go back was an easy one. Especially since we could rent a house that accepts dogs, so our fuzzy kids can enjoy vacation as well!

There is a Nags Head legend of land pirates which would hang a lantern on the neck of an old horse—a “nag”—and walk the horse up and down the tallest natural sand dune on the East Coast, which is now known as Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Passing ships assumed that the lantern hung from a safely docked ship, and captains would guide their ship toward shore, where they would run aground on the area’s rocky shoals, which are known as part of the Graveyard of the Atlantic. The land pirates would then loot the ship in search of valuable cargo. As the legend grew, the name Nags Head stuck.

After driving 29 hours, a walk on the beach was a necessity! The last time I was this ecstatic accomplishing a goal, was when I finished the BME Crested Butte race last year. I admit, I was nervous to drive that distance solo, but when you break it down, and think about the small goals, the ride goes smoothly!

Our typical day consisted of exercising, cooking breakfast, relaxing, heading to the beach (or sound), napping, cooking dinner, relaxing, taking a walk or enjoying the patio on the third floor.

Ahhhh vacation, relaxing on the beach with one of my favorite beers! We were both sweating a little thanks to the high humidity!

Buddy just loved the beach, running around like a puppy!


The Celebration
We made sure to celebrate every chance we got!

Their anniversary was actually on June 6 (D-Day), but we wanted to head to the beach later in June, since the weather is typically more stable. We enjoyed shopping and purchasing gifts to celebrate the big occasion!

50 years, 600 months, 18,265 days is a long time! Congrats mom and dad!!


Inclement Weather
We had an amazing trip with only two days of rainy weather.

But even the rain can be beautiful and Buddy the Dog doesn’t care about getting wet!

Another fun thing to do during inclement weather, was to visit the closest lighthouse at Bodie (pronounced “Body”) Island. The name comes from the Body family from whom the land was purchased. Another legend is that it was named due to the number of dead sailors washed ashore from the Atlantic Ocean.

The lighthouse is managed by the National Park Service and our guide mentioned this is one of the few lighthouses that has the original, first order Fresnel lens. It was impressive to see that original glass!

We climbed 214 steps up to the top!

We also wandered around Manteo for a bit. Max also enjoyed the cooler temperatures!


Family Photo
This was our last evening at the beach! After a lovely dinner, we headed over to capture this winner!

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