Jul 052012

We were fortunate enough to go to Idaho again, so Ariana can compete in Mountain Bike Nationals. What made this year different, is that we are staying with a local, I met when I did my heli-skiing trip earlier this year. Small world, it is.

So, after driving all day yesterday, we arrive to our plush accommodations in a ginoromous house, two miles from the ski area. Waiting for us was a yummy dinner and an IPA (for me). Funny how people can get to know you, in such a short period of time.

Today, we did a fantastic ride starting and ending at a hot springs. Delish, I tell you.

I learned last year, Idaho is like Colorado, you have to climb a bit.

A fire went through these parts in 2007, but just like Los Alamos, it is a burned beauty.

An avalanche went through these parts a bit ago…

Ahhh….nice hot, but not too hot, hot springs!

Interesting signs…

What a great day! Tomorrow is race day 🙂

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Jun 262012

In 2003, I purchased my first brand new car: the Honda Element. Owning it and taking it on many adventures, has been nothing but joy! Recently, it hit 195,000 miles and it keeps going strong. Here is to another 100k, lets hit 300,000 together…

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Jun 172012

Have a fantastic day – hopefully filled with outdoors, food, and a cold beverage! 🙂


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Jun 062012

Justine, TJ, Ariana and myself working away. Thanks for the photo Andy!

Last weekend was full of maintenance for me! On Friday, I decided to get a head start on National Trails Day by cleaning up my own side yard, and got rid of a lot of broken branches and old deadfall. Then on Saturday, Ariana and I headed up to Green Mountain to partake in the COMBA sponsored trail day. This was the first time we broke new trail and used a pick! After the first hour, I realized doing yard work the day before trail work, was probably not the greatest idea – since I was so sore! After we got home, I took a much deserved nap, which was perfect since the clouds came in and it rained the rest of the afternoon.

I used the Link Meister by Topeak!

Since I was on a roll, I decided to take care of a few small upgrades to my bikes. First I replaced the chain on our race bikes. It is good to do this periodically to prolong the life of your cassette and front chain rings, since they all wear together. If the new chain skips like hell, then you have to replace the entire drivetrain. Luckily for Ari and I, our chains weren’t that stretched out, and it was successful! Whew…

The ASR is all cleaned up ready to ride me up the hills.

Then, I decided to switch over some less worn out time pedals, install new grips on my 575, and install new cleat on Ariana’s road shoes. Once you get in this mindset, you have to just go for it!

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May 282012

Ari and I had a great ride with Cynthia and Dawna on an epic 26 miles loop at Indian Creek. The weather was perfect, and my legs felt surprisingly well – even on day 5 (of riding in a row)! Of course, today, I am feeling it. My birthday massage is tomorrow, and I made sure they had a lot of knots to work on 🙂

Yippie for sunshine, bikes, and happiness!

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May 252012

I had a nice birthday, with a birthday ride in Summit County, an IPA, and a fabulous dinner. I drove up Boreas Pass Road to take this photo after dinner.

Yeah for all the wonderful people in my life!

May 232012

I had a day – catching up on emails, making life decisions. I procrastinated a bike ride, and when I spoke with Dave, he was like – so did you ride? No, I replied. So that was enough to get my butt in gear and ride at 4:30 pm, before the rain! I took my dog co-pilot and we were off on the Aqueduct Trail. Every time I stopped, he picked up a stick to play fetch – not just any stick, of course the largest stick (that I had to make him drop, otherwise it would have been in my spokes or derailleur).

And yes, he played in the water, even though it wasn’t very warm outside. I’m glad I got out, as now it is raining even more…

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May 212012

Ariana and I are so lucky to have such great support and love of family and friends! A handful of us sat in the cold rain for an hour and a half, while she graduated. Then my dad and brother cooked bison burgers and dogs in the rain. We had an amazing turnout for her party, and she received many generous gifts. As a mama, I couldn’t be prouder! Love you sweetie!

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May 082012

Of course I remember that day clearly. I don’t wish too. The phone call, the conversation, the news, the denial.

This beautiful woman, Reven, has created this magnificent sculpture, and in her words, “This one was simple to make. The sculpture should be simple. You think about such a complex person, with so many friends, so many stories, the sculpture that represents him should make room for every glance, every smile, every word.” I love it. Today, we moved the sculpture to a temporary home, until one with a view is agreed upon. The stone looked beautiful as the rain was falling from above. It made me think of the desert and his love of it (and how most of the time driving to the desert, you have rain/snow to negotiate over the passes).

Anthony loved stories, telling them and listening to them. Also mountain biking, campfires, road trips, IPA, tequila, and beautiful scenery, just to name a few. He had a dark side, as we all do. Living in the present was obviously his preferred lifestyle choice.

Still hard to believe one day you can be here, and the next day you can be gone. Cherish the present, and don’t focus of those silly little petty things that life throws at you…

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Apr 282012

We had a great time at Loveland today! I really need to buy a pass and ski with these fine folks more often, because I had a blast. See you guys next week at Abasin?

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Apr 122012

I have been down in New Mexico preparing for a Pollution Prevention Awards Ceremony at the Lab. We have been working long days, but it will pay off next week! I also snuck out for a tiny bit after work. New Mexico sure is pretty…

Apr 022012

Where does time go? My “baby” turns 18 and I am unsure on how I feel about that. When raising a child, there are so many phases you wish to fast-forward. Suddenly you realize you can not stop the clock, go back, or relive the past. The history is already written and you can just hope you taught them the right way.

Ariana is the best thing that ever happened to me. After all the bumpy roads we have been through, I wouldn’t change a thing. We learn and grown from our experiences, both positive and negative. Sometimes, you just have to trust your heart and roll with it.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! Let’s celebrate…

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Mar 182012

I arrived back home from the amazing heli-trip to 70 degree weather. Somewhat disappointed, I grabbed the bike and headed for the desert. The winds were unfavorable, with the keyword being, “sand”. Lots of it, everywhere.

Still had fun riding, sleeping, not so much fun when the wind wants to take the tent far, far away…

Mar 092012

CMH has heli-skiing down to an art and science, with safety being their first priority. Once we did the required training, I felt more at ease how to maneuver around the chopper. The girls are great, and we nick-named ourselves chicks in a chopper.

There are so many things about this trip that are fabulous, but for now, I should sleep – I have a big day tomorrow!


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Feb 132012

Living at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, we don’t have a clear view of the west, so we miss a lot of the great sunsets. This photo was taken at White Mesa in New Mexico, I place I hold near and dear to my heart (just don’t ride there when it is muddy). I am looking forward to escaping to the desert in a few weeks to attend Thawfest in Moab and hope to catch a sunset or two. Life is surprisingly good and this year does feel like the year of Carrie. It feels good to be back.

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Jan 302012

Some of us headed to Buffalo Creek yesterday for a flowy, fun ride. What we got was a little sketchy, a little icy, a little wet, but a lot of fun, because some of it was ridable. It was fabulous to pedal outside with friends. Must do it again soon!

Here is the MTBR posting.

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Jan 172012

is a little place called Red Canyon, which is spectacular! I was able to piece together this drive coming from Hurricane, Utah last year, hoping to do a quick ride at Thunder Mountain, but as soon as I got to the trailhead, it started hailing! When it stopped, I assessed the trail and thought it might be too wet to ride, so I just snapped some photos. The rest of the drive home was draining and challenging, with storm after storm headed through the Swell and back into Colorado. I loved seeing the yellow, exploding Chrysothamnus (chamisa or rabbitbrush) in front of the red rocks. Since it just rained, the fragrance was delightful! I love this area.

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Jan 012012

Since there isn’t much snow in the mountains, it was a perfect opportunity to ride bikes! Luckily, the ride was already organized, I just had to show up and pedal. Dave and I went to the Shull’s last night and didn’t indulge too badly, so I was able to wake up, caffeinate, and ride. It was an annual Beerd Belly Ride, the guys grow out facial hair and beer guts, then we ride and hydrate along the way.

Good times with good people! Here is the MTBR write-up.

What a great start to 2012. I do need to ride more 🙂

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Dec 312011

It was both the most challenging year and the most fun year, of my life. I was able to spend gobs of time with my daughter, and travel to new places. But at the same time, I was stressed since I did not have a full-time job. Kind of like a pre-retirement, living off a small stipend and adjusting your life accordingly. I had to make some pretty hard life decisions. However, in the end, I enjoy the time, and I’m using it to my advantage. Lemonade out of lemons, right? Money can’t buy you time.

Here is to a happy new year! Cheers to discovering new places, and enjoying your favorite places too.


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