Dec 302014

2014 is just about done, so there is no better time than the present to reflect on all the goodness of the year. I haven’t posted in a while, so this will serve as a recap.

But first, I start the year by riding at the Beerd Belly annual snow ride in Evergreen. A bunch of cool guys (and gals) get together and show off their beards and bellies (and consume beer)! No beard or belly for me, but I can partake in the ride and hydration.


January 1st Annual Beerd and Belly Ride in Evergreen


First, I knew I wanted to race some more enduro races, and second, I needed to take out my amazing truck/camper combo. Easy! Combine the two…


My best friend and truck/camper in my magical place – Moab


Starting in March, I drove out to the desert to enjoy Thaw, a festival in beautiful Moab. Anthony got me addicted to these back in 2008, so it has become an annual tradition!

I started the weekend by arriving early and installing a new USB compatible stereo in the truck. I’ve performed electrical work at my house, but never a car stereo. And to my delight, it worked, yay!

I installed my first-ever car stereo

I installed my first-ever car stereo.


Afterwards, I enjoyed some super fun riding with someone I’ve looked up to for a while, Ruthie Matthes, World Champion, National Champion, and Olympian!


Thaw in March, you never know who you’ll be riding with!


During April, I did a solo jaunt out at Rabbit Valley on a trail near and dear to me.

Slipping behind the Zion Curtain

Slipping behind the Zion Curtain


Also in April, after a successful proposal delivery, a few of us went to get pampered at Saint Julien Spa, and I got my first (ever) pedicure. I am really ticklish and really don’t like my toes, but to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it! Of course sipping on a mojito didn’t hurt…


My first pedicure at the stunning Saint Julien in Boulder.


In May, I attended Anthony’s 5th annual memorial ride starting at Yeti, climbing Apex (an abbreviated version since the main trail was damaged in the floods last September), and descending Chimney Gulch, then onward to Mountain Toad Brewery for beer and food.


Beating the storms on May 7th, for Anthony’s Memorial Ride


Hydrating at Mountain Toad


Collegiate Road Nationals were in Richmond, Virginia for 2014, and that is only about an hour drive from my parents. I flew in and we cheered on Ariana and CMU! It was fantastic, since they took the gold in the omnium.


Mom, Ari, and Dad enjoying the mild VA weather


On my birthday, I rode with Dave Chase and the Redstone Cyclery for their annual Lyons fat tire fest ride. We had gorgeous weather but sadly had several major injuries.


My birthday ride with my favorite Lyons crew! Photo credit: Jesper Kristensen


The group on May 24th! Photo credit: Redstone Cyclery


The first Big Mountain Enduro was in June with a series opener in Snowmass, outside Aspen. I missed these ladies! Seriously, we have so much fun, cheering each other on, riding fast, and having beers.

My jump fail...

My jump fail…


October brought me back to Moab to race in the Ho-Down. We were dressed in costumes and, finally, I learned how to jump for a photo!!


Learning how to jump… (Photo credit: Corie Spruill Photography)


All in all, another successful year, I traveled a ton, visited old friends, met new friends, and continued to grow as an individual. Remember, it is the people that make this world a better place, and I choose to surround myself with likeminded folks. Those who play together, stay together.

For 2015, I will attend the Beti AllRide Clinic again to sharpen my skills, race these super fun enduro races, and be sure to laugh and hydrate often 😉


Jan 072014

I forgot to write something about reflecting upon the previous year…so here I go: basically, I had a blast! From emerging from my shell, getting a new bike, and riding it in my first enduro race. My parents were visiting at Keystone during the race, so they were able to watch and support us.


Relaxing before hitting Cowboy Up in the Keystone Big Mountain Enduro


A few weeks before the race, Ariana and I took a gravity women’s clinic: The Beti AllRide Clinic  (highly recommended!) and learned some new tricks on how to ride downhill faster.


Me and Ari at the Beti AllRide Clinic in Keystone


The older I get, the more respect I have for my parents, because without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today! Sure, I consider myself the “black sheep” of the family, since moving to Colorado in 1997, but I feel that made our family even closer and heck, I may have even grown up a little myself. So thank-you mum and dad for always being there for me!


Mum, Ariana, and myself in O‘ahu, Hawaii


We took a trip last summer to O‘ahu, Hawaii, which was fantastic! Ariana even went surfing for the first time.


Dad and Ari getting ready to surf


I visited with so many friends from the past, which was one of my goals. Sure, you see each other on Facebook, but I really wanted to see some of these blasts from my past in person! So dammit, I did. I reconnected with my Tower Records friends.


Tower Records Washington DC Alumni from the early 90s – Kenny, Carrie, Robin, Frankie, and Neal


So much fun! And then earlier in the year, I reconnected with a high school friend down in Sedona.


Tim showing us how it is done on Hangover


Sure, I may not live the “conventional” life of settling down and getting married, but heck, I’m having a good time just winging this thing called life. Rules? Just make them up as you go along….much less stressful that way! I not only have a house in this rockin cool town of Golden, but I recently procured a house on wheels! I can’t wait to take that thing out on more adventures…


My mid-life crisis


I also met a bunch of cool folks in and around the town of Lyons and Yann took this amazing photo of me. Dave and the folks at Redstone Cyclery rocks!


Thanks Yann!



2013 Yeti Tribe Gathering, Telluride, Colorado


Summer was complete when I attended the Yeti Tribe Gathering, for the first time since 2009. It was also my first time to Telluride!


Sleep deprivation didn’t slow me down! Photo credit: Michael Hirsch

I accomplished lots in 2013 and I met so many cool people! I look forward to more adventures and bike riding shenanigans for 2014!

Nov 072013

Why a Yeti? This question was asked, so I had to remember back when I first rode a Yeti and how I became a Yeti Freak. I was living in Los Alamos and I was racing for a team out of Santa Fe, called the Pedal Queens. One year, they had a gathering called Bike a Go-Go, where vendors, demos, food, and games were had. I heard of Yeti Cycles, but I never had the opportunity to try one. I met Big Joe at the previous Go-Go event, but I noticed this year there was an additional guy helping out, and this guy was Anthony Sloan. Well, they put me on a Yeti ASR (the color was Bling) and off we went as I showed them the Dale Ball Trail.

My first time on a Yeti, 2007

My first time on a Yeti, 2007

Still to this date, the old car sits off the trail. Yes, you may read Tramp not Ramp, which was my first thought. Perhaps that is why we were smiling, or just silly giddy from riding bikes!

Carrie and Big Joe, Dale Ball 2007

Carrie and Big Joe, Dale Ball 2007

Shortly thereafter, I started traveling up and joining the demo rig while it toured the southwest. I had one of the demo bikes (#1) favorited for a while. It was a 575, and it felt like I could do anything on that bike. It was a huge upgrade from what I was riding prior to being introduced to Yeti.

We would riding bikes all day – then celebrate afterwards, with of course lots of hydration, stories, and campfires.

Arizona Spring Fling, 2008

Arizona Spring Fling, 2008


Carrie and Demo #1

Carrie and Demo #1

crd-tellFor 2013, and I attended the Yeti Tribe Gathering, an annual meet-up of like-minded Yeti Freaks from across the globe. It was a more-than-special event, since I have never ridden in the beautiful mountain town of Telluride. Below is a video showcasing the event.! (Picture on left, do you see how giddy I am? I’m kinda freakish…in a good way!) I currently own four Yeti’s and bleed turquoise. These are my kind of people.


Yeti Cycles, it isn’t just a bike, it’s a lifestyle…and if you haven’t ridden one, you wouldn’t understand.


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Sep 162013

Others who are affected by the flood and others who are no longer with us. Yesterday, Leslie and I headed out on bikes. Rumor had it Kenosha Pass was dry, so we headed there. She recently got an SB-66 so it was time to show it around! But first, a little tribute to Anthony…

He loved the Colorado Trail, and we would frequent here often.

The trees are just starting to turn!


It is very nice frolicking over aspen covered trails!

The water levels weren’t that high, which is surprising to me. It is amazing how widespread the Colorado weather patterns can be.

We got a few loud thunder clap warnings, which meant to me, we were suppose to turn around.

After turning around, the sun kept coming in and out.

After climbing back, I turned around, and sure enough it was coming down.

Super fun ride! Wish we could have made it further, but mother nature had a different idea. It was just nice to get out and clear the mind. I’m thinking about my Lyons friends whose lives have changed dramatically over the week. For donations, 100% of the funds will go directly back to Lyons:

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Sep 092013


I visited Durango, two weekends in a row. Am I lucky or what? Last weekend was the enduro and this weekend was the Ska Brewing Festival with the English Beat as the headliner. There were some wildflower around, but not for much longer, as fall seems to be around the corner in the high country.




They were amazing! Being outside in beautiful Durango, sampling beers, and listening to music was what the doctor ordered.


The next day, after a leisurely breakfast, AJ and I headed on bikes, but just a mini-epic ride. Nothing too big, so we parked at Coal Bank Pass, up Pass Trail to Engineer Mountain Trail.

A bit of history: the San Juan Mountains, during each maximum glacial episode, were covered with an ice-field complex covering about 1,900 square miles. Engineer Mountain rose above the ice field, forming rock islands called nunataks.


There was no wrong way up here, just a lot of sweet singletrack.


And for the record, the downhill is so giggly fun!

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Sep 062013

I have been ignoring you. All of these new social media outlets, and I chose to ignore the old blog. Well, I am going to try to remember to update this thing a little more…

Life has been great, in fact, I knew this year was going to be “different”. I woke up. I emerged from the fog I seemed to have put myself in the last few years since Anthony has been gone. I finally chose life and to live it; and thanks to Yeti, I even got myself a new-to-me bike and starting riding like I use to, when A was around. In fact, not just riding, but racing again. I also decided those Enduro races are pretty fun, and I hope to do more next year. So far, I competed in the Keystone and the Durango races of the Big Mountain Enduro series, and they are a hoot! I have met new friends, reconnected with old friends, and I am finally becoming comfortable rippin’ it on my bike.


Back to Anthony, his birthday is coming up, September 15th in fact. He would have been 43. Still crazy to think he isn’t physically here, although, I know he left an impression on most. With his free-spirited ways and easy-going attitude, what wasn’t there to like? Sure, some thought they could be like him, but failed. It is still fun to peruse his site reading his words and checking out his photos.

What is in store for me next? Riding bikes, having fun, traveling, and cold beverages. Enjoying life, you know.

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Jan 282013

There is never a good time to get sick, but I picked a pretty good weekend. I was able to entertain the weekend before, and I still have enough time to recover before heading on vacation in February. I have a lot of work to do before then…

Here is a non-sick photo, just to get me motivated to ride bikes soon.


Thanks TB for the ride & photo!

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Jan 032013


I finally went and explored the lunch ride local trail at Marshall Mesa, which included a clockwise loop: Coalton, High Plains, Greenbelt Plateau, Community Ditch, Cowdrey Draw, Mayhoffer-Singletree, Meadowlark, back to Coalton. Since it was only 30 degrees, I knew it should still be frozen; and since it hasn’t been that warm in the last week, the ice was minimal.

I’m digging riding the single-speed again; thanks to Dave for fixing the brakes and getting it rolling again!

A couple of days ago, 14 of us headed out to Evergreen to ride bikes in the snow. It was a lot of fun, even though the temperatures were cold, cold – under 20 degrees. Luckily, the sun came out soon after we started.


I think it has been a fine start to a new year…

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Aug 122012

We have been busy! From Mountain Bike Nationals in Idaho to our vacation to Germany then Austria, I have an excuse for not posting. But today, it was about riding my bike again.

I finally rode this bridge, just by following Dave and Ian!

En route back home, Ariana and I had the unfortunate incident of being stuck overnight at the Newark Airport. This was unfortunate, because my original itinerary was from Germany to Dulles, not Newark. Since the Continental/United merge, it seems as is they have been changing flights and seat assignments. Anyway – long story short, Ariana and I were supposed to race Telluride this weekend, but due to not returning until Friday evening, so we didn’t go. COMotion Sports won their 10th year winning the Mountain States Cup, and it was a bummer we were not there racing and cheering everyone on.

So, I finally got back on a bike today, after more than two weeks off. Sourdough was the destination and the ride was rocky and delicious. We also spotted several mushroom pickers along the trail. Boy those ‘shrooms were popping!

I even found my first yellow aspen just laying innocently in the middle of the trail. Another month, we will be riding our leaf-peeping rides. It is hard to believe the summer is almost gone.

Ahh…it is good to be home!

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Jun 062012

Justine, TJ, Ariana and myself working away. Thanks for the photo Andy!

Last weekend was full of maintenance for me! On Friday, I decided to get a head start on National Trails Day by cleaning up my own side yard, and got rid of a lot of broken branches and old deadfall. Then on Saturday, Ariana and I headed up to Green Mountain to partake in the COMBA sponsored trail day. This was the first time we broke new trail and used a pick! After the first hour, I realized doing yard work the day before trail work, was probably not the greatest idea – since I was so sore! After we got home, I took a much deserved nap, which was perfect since the clouds came in and it rained the rest of the afternoon.

I used the Link Meister by Topeak!

Since I was on a roll, I decided to take care of a few small upgrades to my bikes. First I replaced the chain on our race bikes. It is good to do this periodically to prolong the life of your cassette and front chain rings, since they all wear together. If the new chain skips like hell, then you have to replace the entire drivetrain. Luckily for Ari and I, our chains weren’t that stretched out, and it was successful! Whew…

The ASR is all cleaned up ready to ride me up the hills.

Then, I decided to switch over some less worn out time pedals, install new grips on my 575, and install new cleat on Ariana’s road shoes. Once you get in this mindset, you have to just go for it!

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May 282012

Ari and I had a great ride with Cynthia and Dawna on an epic 26 miles loop at Indian Creek. The weather was perfect, and my legs felt surprisingly well – even on day 5 (of riding in a row)! Of course, today, I am feeling it. My birthday massage is tomorrow, and I made sure they had a lot of knots to work on 🙂

Yippie for sunshine, bikes, and happiness!

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May 252012

I had a nice birthday, with a birthday ride in Summit County, an IPA, and a fabulous dinner. I drove up Boreas Pass Road to take this photo after dinner.

Yeah for all the wonderful people in my life!

May 232012

I had a day – catching up on emails, making life decisions. I procrastinated a bike ride, and when I spoke with Dave, he was like – so did you ride? No, I replied. So that was enough to get my butt in gear and ride at 4:30 pm, before the rain! I took my dog co-pilot and we were off on the Aqueduct Trail. Every time I stopped, he picked up a stick to play fetch – not just any stick, of course the largest stick (that I had to make him drop, otherwise it would have been in my spokes or derailleur).

And yes, he played in the water, even though it wasn’t very warm outside. I’m glad I got out, as now it is raining even more…

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Apr 122012

I have been down in New Mexico preparing for a Pollution Prevention Awards Ceremony at the Lab. We have been working long days, but it will pay off next week! I also snuck out for a tiny bit after work. New Mexico sure is pretty…

Mar 182012

I arrived back home from the amazing heli-trip to 70 degree weather. Somewhat disappointed, I grabbed the bike and headed for the desert. The winds were unfavorable, with the keyword being, “sand”. Lots of it, everywhere.

Still had fun riding, sleeping, not so much fun when the wind wants to take the tent far, far away…

Feb 132012

Living at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, we don’t have a clear view of the west, so we miss a lot of the great sunsets. This photo was taken at White Mesa in New Mexico, I place I hold near and dear to my heart (just don’t ride there when it is muddy). I am looking forward to escaping to the desert in a few weeks to attend Thawfest in Moab and hope to catch a sunset or two. Life is surprisingly good and this year does feel like the year of Carrie. It feels good to be back.

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Jan 302012

Some of us headed to Buffalo Creek yesterday for a flowy, fun ride. What we got was a little sketchy, a little icy, a little wet, but a lot of fun, because some of it was ridable. It was fabulous to pedal outside with friends. Must do it again soon!

Here is the MTBR posting.

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Jan 012012

Since there isn’t much snow in the mountains, it was a perfect opportunity to ride bikes! Luckily, the ride was already organized, I just had to show up and pedal. Dave and I went to the Shull’s last night and didn’t indulge too badly, so I was able to wake up, caffeinate, and ride. It was an annual Beerd Belly Ride, the guys grow out facial hair and beer guts, then we ride and hydrate along the way.

Good times with good people! Here is the MTBR write-up.

What a great start to 2012. I do need to ride more 🙂

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Dec 192011

Dear Idaho,
I feel like I just skimmed the surface of your beautiful state. Hopefully I can come back next year, and I’ll try to bring Dave along. Bring back those amazing lupines, because the Edge of the World ride won’t be the same without them!

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Nov 142011

Not only did Ariana earn a third podium spot for the Ridgeline Rally yesterday, she also got third overall for the series, AND the Golden High School Mountain Bike Team got third overall! Just like De La Soul, 3 must be the lucky number. What a great season!

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