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I visited Durango, two weekends in a row. Am I lucky or what? Last weekend was the enduro and this weekend was the Ska Brewing Festival with the English Beat as the headliner. There were some wildflower around, but not for much longer, as fall seems to be around the corner in the high country.




They were amazing! Being outside in beautiful Durango, sampling beers, and listening to music was what the doctor ordered.


The next day, after a leisurely breakfast, AJ and I headed on bikes, but just a mini-epic ride. Nothing too big, so we parked at Coal Bank Pass, up Pass Trail to Engineer Mountain Trail.

A bit of history: the San Juan Mountains, during each maximum glacial episode, were covered with an ice-field complex covering about 1,900 square miles. Engineer Mountain rose above the ice field, forming rock islands called nunataks.


There was no wrong way up here, just a lot of sweet singletrack.


And for the record, the downhill is so giggly fun!

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